Wassana diyawara '11

Wassana diyawara is project of UCFM Buddhist society. This program is conducted once a year based on a rural village. Through this villagers get a one day medical camp also school is donated from various things.
This time it was held on 16th of january at Diyawinna vidyalaya, Balangoda. It was organized by '06 A/L batch. 10 members were chosen among us as most juniors.

This was our crew

We went there at 15th by university buses. About 100 members participated to this great work.

On our way to Balangoda we sang some songs with our seniors.

It was a really great time and we were very happy to work with them. We got our tea break while we were traveling.We were given sweets during tea time.

After a long journey we got off at Balangoda Maha mewnawa Asapuwa.

It's a very calm place to visit and meditate. And also as a very beautiful place.

The villagers gave us a cup of tea after the worshipping.

Again we got on to buses and reached the place where we stayed. It's also a very beautiful place and full with fresh cold air.

At there we had our dinner and fall sleep for 2hrs after a long long chat & gossips

Next day we got up early and had a walk towards the jungle. I found how this nature is so beautiful. Even web is a great creation of nature.

We came back and ready to go...

We went to Diyawinna maha vidyalaya at about 8 'O clock. It is a very poor school. Some unseen scenes were captured.

Our part was handling the crowd and guiding them.

And the villagers would participated to the camp even from near villages. Few minutes after 9' O clock the queue was about 200 people.

We had done it as much as we can. It was a great experience work with community. We guide them as medical students as well as sometimes doctors.

Finally they gave us the lunch. We went there at 5'o clock and reached 10 at night.