Medi Science - Medical Drama

This drama is take place at a garage. Makas is a head of the garage and Nuwan is a boy who has just sat his A/L and come to work.

5 scenes will take place...

1.Nuwan and Makas
2.Nuwan and the driver
3.Nuwan and ENT surgeon
4.Nuwan and the medical student
5.Nuwan and the psychologist

At the beginning Makas is repairing a car and nuwan is talking with him...

Scene 1 ( Nuwan and Makas)

Makas - Nuwan give me 14. (nuwan give rs.14 from his pocket). What's this? I said give me No 14 spanner. You idiot always doing wrong things. fall is mine. You just knew to sit an exams. That's all

Nuwan - Don'r say so. I always care about every word because I know the power of single word and Makas don't. I got that from sitting to my A/Ls.

Makas - You know nothing, always talking about my mistakes(Staring at Nuwan and he keep reparing)

Nuwan - Makas what's the wrong of this vechicle? I have done biology for my A/Ls. So I don't know very much about these things.

Makas - It was brought here because of the lack of power. So It can't go faster.(Breathing and say loudly) However Nuwan we mechanics are like doctors of the hospitals. They cure human beings and we cure vechicle 'beings'.

Nuwan - (Think a second and say) Shall I diagnose this vechicle? You said that vechicles are like humans. So I know about human body and I'd like to apply them to here. Shall I?

Makas - (Laughing) Ok...Ok...Genius try you best! (Makas out)

Nuwan - (Thinking and say to audience) If it''s lack of power there shold be wrong with combustion. When human don't have enough food or air there is a lack of power too. So the fuel supply is nothing wrong. So there wrong must be in the air intake system...(to Makas...) Makas there must be something wrong on the air intake system. Come and check it

Makas - (surprising) Ah...! How How How did you say so? I have checked entire air intake system except air filter. So I'll look that...(after the looking air filter) Exactly nuwan there is a problem in this. How did you say so?

Nuwan - I have imageined this is not a vehicle but a human. So I just guess this will be happen. That's all.(smiling)

Makas - Wow...marvelous...I never see a guy like you. I just knew that human and vehicles have one similar thing. That's fuel tank. Like human eating, it refill...I'll come back.( Makas goes out)

Scene 2(Nuwan and the Driver)

[Suddenly a car has come, with full smoking out from the front]

Driver - Hey...come here quickly. See what's happen to this.

Nuwan - How does this happen? When ?

Driver - I'm driving on the way to home and suddenly it had stopped. And it didn't start. I had been there about 3hrs. Finally it has started and has come here

Nuwan - (calling to Makas) Makas...Makas...(to him) try this alone. If I'll fail then only cal him.(to driver) Ok...don'r worry. Have a sit there.

Nuwan - (to him) Smoking out means there should be a heavy heat. In the human body, body temperature is regulated by blood circulatory system. So there should be a process like that. There should be a pump like heart and tubes like blood vessals. So wrong should occur in one of these.(at that time Makas enters...)

Makas - Why did you call me? Is there any problem?

Nuwan - Makas there should be a problem with something called 'radiator' or its tubes. Please find it.

Makas - (star and scold to nuwan)You idiot again use your crazy stuff? Are you mad?

Nuwan - Just look whether it is or not.

Makas - (surprising)My god! You're a great kid. (to driver) There is a something wrong in the radiator pump. We should have to replace a new one...

Makas - (to nuwan) Did you use your own theory again? (he's nodding) Great! (to driver) This boy new to here. But He have learnt a lot in these days. This poor fellow doesn't have enough money to spend to be a doctor. What a pity!

Makas - (to nuwan) You're a great child. You will learn a lot through these things. Even I'm so confused when you compare a vehicle with a man to diagnose.

Nuwan - That is what called Science sir. There are so many reasons behind the structures of human body.( Another vehicle comes)

Scene 3 (Nuwan and ENT surgeon)

ENT - Hey boy...I want to have some seat covers. So can get measurements for seat covers?

Nuwan - OK sir...

ENT - (while)I heard that you said there are so many reasons behind the structures of human body. Can you tell me some of them?

Nuwan - You know that the length of the ear canal is about 2.5cm. But there is a special reason for why it become 2.5cm long.

Nuwan - The minimum threshold intensity of the sound is on about 3300Hz. Also to get the minimum intensity there should be a resonance between source and air in the ear canal. And when we consider about ear canal it's approximately a straight hollow tube which has one end closed. So 2.5cm is the minimum length of the tube that should be essential for resonate at the 33ooHz on the room temp.(25 ' C)

ENT - Oh! really...great.

Nuwan - Like that there are special reasons for every part of the human body. Sir your measurements have gotten. You can get them at next saturday.

ENT - Nuwan, why did you tell me specially the ear? You know who am I?

Nuwan - Yes doctor Karunathilake. I saw the your Car pass that paste on the front glass.

ENT - You are a genious person nuwan. Very intelligent. I have to go. Bye(ENT left and MS enters)

Scene 4(Nuwan and Medical student)

MS - Could I have air pump?

Nuwan - yes. Here it is.

MS - (while) I fed up bro. I don't remember any word of medicine. But everyday I goto my lectures and I read them at the home. But I don't remember that. I don't know what to do.(psychologist enters)

Nuwan - Ahh...Don't be afraid and don't insult to you. Always try to understand what is happen there instead of reading & remembering. And always try to find reasons for facts. Just like what we did to physics at our A/L. For instance, in the forearm why there are 2 bones? why there can't be a single bone just like arm?

MS - Yeah...I understand what you said. I will try bro. Thanks for the advice. Bye.(Makas is yelling)

Scene 5(Nuwan and psychologist)

Makas - Nuwan...Nuwan...come here my boy. Come and have a look at this vechicle. This gentleman is a well-known psychologist. So quickly see what has happened.

Nuwan - Ok boss...

Psy - (while) I heard what you have said to that medical student.

Nuwan - Wh...What Sir?

Psy - (to audience) Don't try to remember all the things. But just understand them. understanding is help to remember things easily. Otherways are teaching to someone else; Discuss with your friends; Draw some pictures while you are reading. Also try to combine with something you already know- respiratory tract with air intake system. These are the easy way to remember things.



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